Working towards a better tomorrow for the environment

In Opolgraf, we believe that a responsible company can do more.

It can help and has a real impact on what happens in our environment. Therefore, sustainability is an integral part of our corporate strategy. This is how we fulfil our promise of quality and secure the future for generations to come. We strive for continuous improvement along our entire value chain. We advocate simple and innovative solutions, including the following:

– The fleet of electric vehicles, both cars and trucks, to reduce CO2 emissions, noise, and air pollution, and to enable transport in areas with strict noise and emission regulations.

– Paperless Line – an action strategy for going completely paperless while building secure digital processes.

– Employee e-files – electronic employee records.

– Renting bicycles and scooters for our employees living in Opole to encourage them to give up their motor vehicles. This is to help take care of the physical activity of our employees and ecology.

– Thermal efficiency improvement – reduction of the building’s demand for heat energy; the work includes, among others, insulating the external partition of the building, modernising the heating and ventilation system, and replacing windows and external doors.

– Expansion of the photovoltaic network with a wind power plant – the ecological way to generate energy. As a responsible and environmentally conscious company, we want our entire energy demand to be covered by renewable energy sources.

– We share information with other companies we work with and strive to expand environmental awareness

We think responsibly and long-term – we have taken the first step, and there is more to come. We are setting new goals in the interest of ecology and the future of our planet

"OPOLGRAF" JOINT STOCK COMPANY is implementing a project co-financed by the Re-Open UK Programme entitled "Investments in OPOLGRAF S. A. as a response to the negative effects of Brexit". The aim of the project is to counteract the negative effects of Brexit. The implementation of the project will improve the quality and colour of final products through more precise and accurate halftone dots with much sharper edges, as well as much greater resistance to wear during the production process. By implementing the project, the Applicant will be able to compensate for the increase in trading costs with the United Kingdom. The total project value is 254,610.00 EUR, of which the contribution from the European Funds is 199,000.00 EUR.