Social responsibility


How we protect the

environment at Opolgraf S.A.


Simple steps to a better tomorrow


Water saving

In order to reduce the amount of water consumption,

our company has implemented systems to reduce its excessive use


Solar panels

We have installed 100 solar panels on our company’s building roof.

This way, we generate a large part of the energy

used both in the production processes and

for our own needs in the office.


Save energy consumption

In order to use less energy, we have replaced all traditional

lightbulbs with LED lightbulbs.

By doing so, we are protecting the environment by curtailing

the use of harmful substances,

which are used in the production of traditional lightbulbs.


Waste segregation

In our printing house, proper waste segregation and

waste processing is being implemented and

monitored carefully both in the production halls and

in the offices, in order to reduce

waste’s negative impact on the environment



In Opolgraf S.A. we use items such as pallets,
office supplies and packaging many times
in order to act in accordance with the Zero Waste principles



We are an active member of the Book Chain Project,

an action aimed at holding paper producers

accountable for their products,

both in terms of quality and ecology


However, this is not the end of our activities for the sake of our planet.

We are currently working on many solutions to protect

nature even more effectively. The environment is our common good,

hence the role of modern companies is to set

an example for both other companies and

their employees to protect the planet through small changes.


one order = one tree

"OPOLGRAF" JOINT STOCK COMPANY is implementing a project co-financed by the Re-Open UK Programme entitled "Investments in OPOLGRAF S. A. as a response to the negative effects of Brexit". The aim of the project is to counteract the negative effects of Brexit. The implementation of the project will improve the quality and colour of final products through more precise and accurate halftone dots with much sharper edges, as well as much greater resistance to wear during the production process. By implementing the project, the Applicant will be able to compensate for the increase in trading costs with the United Kingdom. The total project value is 254,610.00 EUR, of which the contribution from the European Funds is 199,000.00 EUR.